Story by Transmedia

Transmedia storytelling refers to a method of conveying a story through multiple media platforms. This adds new dimensions to the conventional, linear story by integrating different experiences.

For example, the audience can go beyond watching an installment in a television series to interacting with the setting in a game, studying a character in greater detail on the website, learning more background through social media or getting additional history from a graphic novel. In transmedia each platform contributes its own distinct element to the overall story.

Transmedia storytelling is often associated with blockbusters such as the Dark Knight or the TV series the Walking Dead, but it can also lend itself to independent films with lower budgets. One of the earlier examples is the Blair Witch Project which used multiple platforms (particularly online) to generate curiosity and garner ticket sales before the film’s actual release. The interactivity of transmedia storytelling also gives it great potential as a learning tool.The objective behind combining all these platforms is audience engagement—capturing it, sustaining it, expanding it. To be successful there needs to be a strong compelling story for the audience to explore it with such depth.

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